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Scorpex Receives $90M Equipment Financing Commitment

- Scorpex, Inc. (Pinksheets: SRPX.PK - News) – an emerging leader of industrial, hazardous and toxic waste disposal services in the Baja Mexico/California region – announced today a $90 million financing commitment from International Renewable Energy Facilitation Company (InREFco) of Magalia, CA.


Scorpex Inc. - SRPX

SRPX - Business Description

Scorpex Inc. (SRPX.PK) a Nevada corporation is focused on becoming a leader of hazardous and toxic waste disposal in the Baja Mexico/California region where demand for waste management exceeds capacity. Scorpex and its subsidiaries have been granted certain Mexican governmental permits and licenses that will allow them to develop and dispose of toxic and nontoxic waste originating from the United States and Mexico.

As of June 1, 2010, Scorpex acquired 100% of the issued and outstanding securities of Scorpex International, Inc. which has an exclusive license agreement with its partner Tratamientos Ambientales Scorpion, a Mexican corporation (“TAS”). Scorpex, through TAS has applied to obtain the necessary governmental approvals to store, gasify, recycle and dispose of residential and commercial, toxic, non-toxic, hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

It has taken eight years, and Scorpex has met many various governmental regulatory guidelines, feasibility studies, and has worked hand in hand with government officials on key issues pertaining to zoning, road studies, environmental guidelines, land issues, health issues, and employment issues. Recently Scorpex has been granted all permits, Federal, State and Local that now allows phase II of it’s business model to be implemented which is to immediately start building a patented waste gasification plant, expected to be finalized in 2012. Funding for the plant is estimated in the amount of $35 million USD, which has already been committed and will begin during Q4 2011. As a result of these efforts, Scorpex will have the only industrial waste processing facility of its kind in Baja Mexico.

Scorpex is currently in discussions with several fortune 500 companies to properly dispose their toxic waste. The company expects to obtain lucrative agreements from these large companies by the end of 2011.

Scorpex has recently obtained clearance from “PROFEPA - Procuraduría Federal de Protección al Ambiente” (The Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection) to move the project forward. We have what is termed a resolution/approval to proceed with the project. PROFEPA can be defined as the police of the government or the Attorney General of the environment.

Currently Scorpex has a signed $30 million USD contract from IET to provide the required Gasification equipment.

This is a Gasification/Thermal Oxidation Unit with a low cost of operation. The contract includes all performance and completion bonds, as well as other miscellaneous guarantees.

As far as competition is concerned there is virtually none. Scorpex will soon dominate the industry in this sector. Currently Mexico is limited to shipping waste to France or Holland, trucking back to the United States, or trucking over vast distances to Monterrey Mexico. Shipping alone costs all of these companies, government, and Maquiladoras hundreds of millions of dollars. Many companies are waiting in anticipation for us to finish and begin operations to manage their waste.

At the present time we are, at best, approximately two to three years ahead of any possible competitor. Due to the NAFTA Agreement between the United States and Mexico, Scorpex is able to bring waste in from the United States. Laws and regulations indicate toxic and hazardous waste may be brought across borders to be treated and managed properly, but anything harmful left over must be returned to the country of origin. After our gasification process, there is nothing harmful left to ship back with the leftover toxic waste being reduced to ash.

Scorpex intends to be a leading provider of integrated waste services initially in Mexico and to provide a comprehensive range of waste management services including the receiving, storage, transfer, recycling and disposal of waste in an environmentally sound manner. In providing these services, we intend to actively pursue projects and initiatives that we believe make a positive difference to our environment which will be focused on the gasification and recycling of waste. It is expected that our customer base will include commercial, industrial, municipal and residential customers, other waste management companies, electric utilities and governmental entities.

Scorpex has engaged the coastal city of Ensenada, Mexico to develop our first plant to accommodate the vast region of Baja, Mexico- California. This facility is being designed specifically for the purpose of processing industrial waste including those materials classified as industrial, toxic and hazardous.

Scorpex has strategically selected and acquired 24.7 acres of land less than nine miles outside of Ensenada, Mexico. The location was chosen after consultation with numerous officials and local realtors. The site is located less than two miles from the current landfill. On-site improvements to the Company’s first facility include a 10,000 square foot specifically designed storage facility with a “catch” drainage system and emergency sprinkler system. Property upgrades include a water reservoir, septic system and one mile of 13’ high security fencing surrounding the property. Additionally, the company has completed extensive land use, permitting, and ecological studies. To date, Scorpex has spent more than $3 million USD in connection with the permitting process and the development of the existing property and facility. The property has undergone three years of applications, permitting and governmental required studies.

TAS will provide an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally sound alternative for the transfer and disposal of this waste. Companies may no longer have to ship their waste thousands of miles away by truck or by barge. As a result we expect strong growth opportunities for our company.

The target market for the waste management industry is any entity that creates waste. This in general is every state, municipality, household, business, etc. that creates waste and is in need of a proper method of disposal. Municipalities that can no longer properly take in waste disposal will contract with TAS to handle the proper disposal and storage of waste. U.S. corporations that have Maquiladoras will need the proper documentation and management for the disposal of the waste created from their facilities. There are over 3,000 Maquiladoras along the U.S./Mexico border, which are in need of a facility to properly dispose of their waste.

In Mexico, the waste management industry consists primarily of national and local companies of varying sizes and financial resources. No other company in Mexico presently processes and disposes of waste through the gasification process, often referred to as thermal oxidation. This gives us a distinct competitive advantage and makes our service attractive to governmental, commercial and residential target markets.

Waste collection and disposal

Disposal of hazardous waste and hazardous production waste

Hazardous material collection for municipalities, counties and other local authorities

Complete separation of material

Decontamination of contaminated sites and soils

Environmentally sound usage of production residuals


Option for waste to energy management

Temporary storage for hazardous waste

Equipment and Process

The Waste Gasification/Thermal Oxidation Plant, Scorpex chose converts waste to ash, is a two-stage waste combustion process that converts combustible organic matter from its existing solid, sludge or liquid state into a gas under an oxygen depleted environment (also know “oxidation”). The resulting gas product is then well mixed with ambient air before being burnt off in a secondary gas-processing unit.

The technology converts any man made or organic waste product back to its natural state, which is inert ash or breathable air. The technology is capable of handling community solid waste content and bio-solids including medical waste, tires, plastics, wood waste, oily waste, furniture and other organic or man-made compounds found in municipal or industrial waste.

Thermal Waste Gasification

Eliminates 99.9% of all combustible waste

Provides for 100% recycling

NO smoke or harmful Air Emissions

NO pre-sorting of trash before processing

NO odor

Moisture in the waste does not effect performance

Eliminates animals, birds, and insect scavenging in the waste

Kills all pathogens in Medical Waste

No special handling of Medical Waste

Eliminates need for landfills.

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The plant is comprised of three basic components: a Primary Gasification Cell, a Secondary Gas Processor, and a computerized Process Logic Controller. Combustible waste material is placed into the primary gasification cell through the load access door. In some facilities this can be done via a loading conveyor. The proposed design is to have collection vehicles dump their waste load directly into the primary oxidation cell.

The Primary Cell can be either a batch or continuous feed processor. Based on our research, batch processing provides the most efficient and cost effective strategy for the waste management solution.

Residual materials (bottles, cans, ash and misc.) need only to be removed periodically. The composition of MSW consists mainly of organic and combustible waste. Glass and metals are easily extracted in our plant design as it includes equipment that will assist in the process and cut down on labor man-hours. Ash removal is either an automated or manual process. In Automated Unloading mode, the base of the primary gasification cell contains a ductile iron furnace floor conveyor that evacuates material remaining in the base of the unit through a side access door. This dry waste material empties into a storage bin, which can be removed to another location for recycling.

Business Partners

International Environmental Technologies, Inc. (IET)

a Kentucky Corporation has developed and patented certain technology documented in United States Patent Number 6,439,135 ("Patent") has successfully passed most restrictive environmental air emission monitoring and residual ash quality tests, as prescribed by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the European Economic Union.

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Management Team

CEO and Board Member:

Joseph Caywood, 41, Chief Executive Officer, is an entrepreneur that has been successful in the

recycling, waste management and disposal industries.

Mr. Caywood has successfully owned and operated many businesses since 1989, including an extremely profitable classic car business. Mr. Caywood has invested his own money into various business enterprises including Scorpex International, Inc., where he has spent the last several years developing a toxic and hazardous waste storage, recycling, and disposal site on the perimeter of Ensenada, Mexico.

Mr. Caywood is a hands-on CEO, who has invested thousands of man-hours to see Scorpex become a successful reality. His dedication to the success of Scorpex and it's waste management facility, is evident by both the time and monetary equity he has vested thus far

CFO and Board Member:

Chene Gardner, age 46, is also the Chief Financial Officer of Alto Group Holdings, Inc., a filer of reports pursuant to requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (the “Exchange Act”). He has served in this capacity since April 15, 2010.

Mr. Gardner is also an executive officer and director of Nano Dimensions, Inc. (“NDI”), a filer of reports with the Commission under the Exchange Act.

Mr. Gardner was appointed as CEO, CFO and as a director of NDI in July 2007, May 2004, and August 2004, respectively.

In addition, he serves as an executive officer and director of Secure Netwerks, Inc., a filer of reports with the Commission under the Exchange Act, and has served in these capacities since March 2004.

Further, Mr. Gardner has served as the Financial Controller of Fuelstream, Inc., also a filer of reports with the Commission under the Exchange Act, since March 2001.

Mr. Gardner also has five years of auditing and accounting experience with the firm of Deloitte & Touche LLP, from June 1990 to August 1995, serving clients in the banking, manufacturing, and retail industries.

Mr. Gardner holds Bachelor and Master of Accounting degrees from Weber State Universit

Contact Us

Scorpex, Inc.

10300 West Charleston Boulevard

Las Vegas, NV 89135

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Phone: 310-891-1838

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