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BookMerge Technology Inc. BRKM


BookMerge Technology Inc. BRKM

About BookMerge Tech.
BookMerge Technology, Inc. is a development stage company that was incorporated on February 28, 2008. On October 11, 2010, BookMerge signed an agreement and acquired 51% controlling interest in Extreme Green Technologies, Inc. dba Extreme Biodiesel. On November 29, 2010, BookMerge issued a stock exchange with the remaining 49% share-holders of Extreme Green Technologies to complete the 100% acquisition.

Extreme Green Technologies, Inc (EGT) is organized under the laws of the State of Nevada on Dec.12, 2003 and qualified to do business in California November 7, 2007. Extreme Biodiesel began selling home bio-diesel processors in June 20, 2004 in Santa Ana, CA. EGT acquired the assets of Extreme Biodiesel on December 31, 2007. On February 15, 2008, EGT moved to its 11,400 sq .ft. facility in Corona, CA and erected its large refinery capable of producing 700,000 gallons of bio-diesel annually with expansion capabilities to 6,000,000/year.
BookMerge Mission
To satisfy the demand for biodiesel while reducing US reliance on foreign oil, eliminating the environmental impact of fossil fuels, avoiding petroleum price volatility, reducing the cost of transportation for goods and to help create a self-sustaining fuel system in the USA
Welcome to Extreme Biodiesel, home of the "Extractor", our standard water-wash processor, and the "Extreme Extractors", with our exclusive 2 and 5 hour waterless filtration systems.
Our new "Extreme Mini-Refineries" produce at least 600 gallons of biodiesel per day! We can also custom-build larger processors to accommodate your biodiesel needs.
After years of research and development, Extreme Biodiesel offers the finest constructed and most user-friendly processors in the biofuel industry. We are the cutting edge leaders in new technology and will continue to achieve technological advances in biodiesel production in our on-site laboratory.

At Extreme Biodiesel, we use only the finest components in constructing biodiesel processors. By using polyethylene and polypropylene materials, all of our fittings and hoses are biodiesel compatible. Unlike many biodiesel product manufacturers, we do not use white PVC, galvanized pipe or rubber hoses/tubing in our construction as these materials will eventually degrade, swell, crack and leak. The Apollo brass valves we use are made of the finest materials: including stainless steel inserts and Teflon seals.

Our custom biodiesel tanks are made with double-thick polyethylene. These tanks allow for production of 20 to 100 gallons of biodiesel in a single batch! You cannot find these biodiesel tanks anywhere but through Extreme Biodiesel.

With our exclusive "Methoxide Mixing System" you will never come into contact with both the methanol and lye together. These two chemicals are highly toxic to breathe in and will burn upon contact. Thus, we have added a separate, totally enclosed motorized methanol pump for your safety.

Our exclusive "Extreme Extractor" is a unique waterless system that completely eliminates the time consuming steps of water-washing and drying that is found in most biodiesel processors. It can produce up to 100 gallons of biodiesel in as little as 5.5 hours! And, with the "Extreme Extractor," wastewater disposal is eliminated!

If you already own a processor and are tired of water-washing, you can also purchase the "Extreme Purification System" separately. You will find all of these waterless systems well worth the price!

Biodiesel will have your engine run cooler, quieter, and eliminate up to 90% of emissions. Biodiesel will also reduce up to 90% of exhaust smoke, and most importantly, it's friendly to our environment!

Making biodiesel is simple. All you need to make biodiesel is vegetable oil (waste or virgin), methanol and lye. The vegetable oil-to-biodiesel-ratio is approximately 1:1. On average, you can produce biodiesel for as little as $0.80/Gallon!

Considering today's outrageous diesel prices, just think of the savings you will enjoy with your own biodiesel processing system from Extreme Biodiesel!
About Biodiesal


What exactly is biodiesel?

Biodiesel is the most environmentally friendly and cost effective fuel we have. It's biodegradable, burns cleaner, and runs in virtually any Diesel engine without modification. Best of all, you can make your own biodiesel at home for less than the price of petrol diesel. To learn how to save money while helping to save our environment, click on the topics to the bottom and learn all about Biodiesel!

Biodiesel is What?          
An overall view of Biodiesel Biodiesel Myths & Facts Myths and facts about biodiesel    

The Benefits and Challenges of Biodiesel Highlights of the benefits of biodiesel and a discussion on the challenges and need for expansion

What is Biodiesel? Discussion about biodiesel made from renewable resources.

Biodiesel Products

Featured Products

Standard Extractor
Biodiesel's Extreme Extractor

Additional Biodiesel Products

BookMerge Technology, Inc is a fully reporting SEC company, publicly traded on the OTC Market under the symbol, “BRKM”, and within the OTCPINK market tier.  As such, Business, operational and financial information on BRKM is fully transparent and available to public view.  

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Market Value1:    $2.5 million  as Dec 30 2011
A/S :---------------- 200 Million

O/S : 95,746,000 as of 11/29/2010 after purchasing Extreme Green Tech.

Transfer Agent

Globex Transfer, LLC

Transfer Agent
780 Deltona Blvd.
Suite 202
Deltona, FL, 32725

Shareholders of Record:  102
SIC - Industry Classification:  3433 - Heating equipment, except electric
Incorporated In: NV, USA

Year of Inc.:  2007
Security Notes: Capital Change=shs increased by 7 for 1 split. Ex-date=02/26/2010. Rec date=02/25/2010. Pay date=02/25/2010.

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