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Next Generation Energy Corp. - NGMC

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NGMC -Business Description

Next Generation Energy Corp. is focused on acquiring a portfolio of existing, natural resource royalty producing properties, including natural gas, oil and coal, with a primary focus on natural gas. The Company's strategy is to acquire properties that are undervalued or under-utilized and contain currently producing petroleum wells or coal mines. Once acquired, NGMC outsources all expansion exploration, upgrades, drilling and mining operations through leases with well known, environmentally-conscious operators. Its leasors can develop and manage the daily production of its properties. Royalty cash produced from the properties can be reinvested back into NGMC to acquire additional properties in order to maximize shareholder returns.

NEXT GENERATION ENERGY CORP (OTCBB: NGMC) was formed to further its equity interests and holdings in the energy business including but not limited to owning natural gas and petroleum oil properties, natural gas and oil royalty interests in existing energy producing properties, ownership interests in proven reserves, and other activities associated with fossil energy markets, products and services.
The Company’s underlying strategy is to acquire energy properties that have high intrinsic future value when developed and to generate existing, reliable revenue streams from acquiring interests in operating and proven gas and oil wells.

The Company recently retained geologists to assist it in performing research, collecting and analyzing materials associated with properties it is
considering for acquisition, partnerships or other vested interests. As needed, the Company will also engage the services of established
professional services firms comprised of geologists, oil and gas field developers, attorneys, surveyors, etc. These professionals assist in
performing a comprehensive analysis of potential acquisitions for inclusion in our portfolio.

NEXT GENERATION ENERGY CORPORATION's strategy is to acquire properties that are distressed, undervalued or underutilized and acquire them at below fair market value. The Company will then provide long term leases to leading natural gas, oil field development firms and coal extractors to efficiently extract the resources.

This operating model will create significant shareholder value by reducing expenses and increasing profitability. Since our properties will be acquired at below fair market value, the spread between acquisition costs and contract royalty prices increase our profit margins.

This methodology will serve to insulate the Company from much of the volatility in energy market prices. Outsourcing exploration, drilling and mining operations will enable the Company to engage the expertise of highly qualified, environment conscious, lessees to develop and manage the daily
production of leased properties.

The Company’s initial acquisitions will focus on properties that are primarily located in regions of Devonian shale in the Appalachian Basin of the Eastern United States. Devonian shale has proven reserves of natural gas, coal and oil. Devonian shale gas is becoming a major source of natural gas in the U.S.. New technologies in horizontal drilling and hydrologic fracturing are significantly improving the recovery efforts of natural gas. . In addition, advancements in coal mining technologies will improve productivity, reduce costs and improve safety.

NGMC Core Holdings

This illustration demonstrates the horizontal drilling technology

that has dramatically increased natural gas well production.

Security Details

Next Generation Energy Corp. is a fully reporting SEC company, publicly traded on the OTC Market under the symbol, “NGMC”, and within the OTCQB market tier. As such, Business, operational and financial information on NGMC is fully transparent and available to public view.

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Market Value1: $2,427,707 a/o Dec 15, 2011
A/S :------------ 50,000,000
O/S :------------32,369,433 a/o November 1 per 10-Q filed 11/21/2011

10-K/A reported 12/12/11 period ending 12/31/2010[/b

Shareholders of Record: 97 a/o May 16, 2011

Incorporated In: NV, USA

Year of Inc.: 1982

Security Notes: Capital Change=shs decreased by 1 for 1000 split. Pay date=05/25/2010.

Company Notes:

Transfer Agent

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Contact Us

Next Generation Energy Corp.
7351-N Lockport Place
Lorton, VA 22079
United States - Map
Phone: 703-372-1282
Fax: 703-644-6272

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