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AXXE - Axxess Pharma Inc.

AXXE - Axxess Pharma Inc.

Company Overview

Website: http://www.axxesspharmainc.com/

Axxess Pharma: a focused healthcare company dedicated to providing a wide range of products to improve the lives of patients and consumers worldwide.

Their products are targeted to improve health-related conditions including several forms of iron deficiency, bone loss, rheumatoid arthritis, migraine headaches, urinary tract infections, infant cradle cap, joint pain and much more. Axxess Pharma intends to market these products with affordable pricing and widespread availability. Their company will continue to tap the well of innovation to develop ever-more effective and affordable treatment options for the patients they serve, and also foster innovation in education, leadership and advocacy.

Personal passion concerning the well-being of chronic illness sufferers is a major driving force and at the heart of their company. Affordable, proven, prescription and non-prescription products are a critical component to our company Business Plan. They balance environmental impact, social contribution, and financial results.



Financials & Filings
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Marketwired (Thu, Jan 29)
Axxess Pharma to Expand North American Sales and Brand Exposure Through TapouT Ambassadorship Program

Marketwired (Wed, Jan 21)
Axxess Pharma Returns From National ECRM Event With Scheduled Follow-Up Meetings With Big Box Retail Chain Stores and Specialty Stores

Marketwired (Mon, Jan 12)
Axxess Pharma Inc. Receives Approval by Major Canadian Distributor to Sell TapouT Products to Over 2,000 Independent Pharmacies

Marketwired (Thu, Dec 18)
Axxess Pharma Forms Partnership With Roc Nation Sports and throne boxing in Promotion of TapouT Product Line

Marketwired (Mon, Dec 15)
Axxess Pharma Receives Purchase Order From Large Nationwide Sport and Nutrition Distributor -- Muscle Foods USA

Marketwired (Wed, Dec 10)
Axxess Pharma and TapouT Fitness Announce Exclusive Alliance to Supply Gyms With TapouT Products


3250 Bloor St.W
Suite 600
Toronto, ONT M8X 2X9
Website: http://www.axxesspharmainc.com
Phone: (416) 410-6006
Email: danielb@axxesspharmainc.com

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