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GNGR - Gunther Grant Inc.

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GNGR - Gunther Grant, Inc.

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Gunther Grant, Inc. Takes creative ideas in the early stages of development. We further develop the idea just enough to bring the product to market where we can get a more realistic perspective as to whether or not the item warrants further development. Using this strategy, we can go from the idea stage to finished product quickly before investing significant capital which allows us to establish a sustainable competitive advantage.

Our objective is to capture more market share within the industries we serve, expand our geographic markets, grow our presence in the consumer industry and continually improve our results of operation. Our strategy to accomplish our objective is:

To capitalize on the strength of the Gunther Grant brands in order to win more business in our traditional markets and enter other markets.

To invest in people to meet the long-term growth in demand for our products, especially in emerging markets. Specifically, we intend to strengthen our sales and manufacturing capabilities where long-term estimates of demand for our products point to continued growth.

To always deliver products and solutions that enable our customers to achieve their objectives and that differentiate us from our competitors. In order to effectively implement our strategy, we also must continually work to improve ourselves.

These efforts include:

Investing in product testing and redesigning existing items to attract both new and consistent consumers.

Enhancing our manufacturing capacities, especially in connection with the design of our products, in order to be able to more quickly respond to existing and future customer demands.

Expanding our margins by implementing and expanding upon our operational efficiencies through a flexible manufacturing flow model and other cost efficiencies.



Distribution methods
The Company markets and delivers its products through a network of commissioned sales representatives, through our websites, and
through retail outlets.
The Company holds licensing rights to the Betty Boop character image through the Hearst Corporation.

We would like to introduce our new line of Betty Boop confections. Having secured the rights to produce Betty Boop chocolates and other confections will let us market to what totaled over $2 Billion in sales for BOOP merchandise last year. We have had much interest from national chain stores as well as products supplied to the official Betty Boop website. We should have final products ready for distribution in the fall of 2012.

Products will be available for sale on our website this fall.

Got Chocolates, Inc.
Our production facility that supplies confections for retail and wholesale. "New healthy and vegan product launch fall 2012"

Wonka Chocolates

All things Wonka!
The Complete Wonka Chocolates Website.
Chocolate - Candy - Merchandise

NOTE: Wonka Chocolate will be having technical changes made which will reduce its functionaltity. Although the site it LIVE, it is that way so the new programmer can reference it.


Gunther Grant, Inc. is a publicly traded on the OTC Market under the symbol, “GNGR”, and within the OTC Pink Current Information market tier. As such, Business, operational and financial information on GNGR- is fully transparent and available to public view.

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Market Value: $2,490,488 a/o Sep 26, 2012
A/S : 4.5 Billion as of 9/27/12 per Transfer Agent Phone call
O/S : 1.193 Billion Issued as of 9/27/12 per Transfer Agent Phone call

(Please note the share structure posted is what we have gathered but can change on a daily basis , please contact the company or transfer agent to get the most current information.)

Q- report 9/11/12 period ending 6/30/12

Incorporated In: Delaware Yr. 2000

Pacific Stock Transfer Co-
4045 South Spencer St,
Las Vegas, NV,
(702) 361-3033.

Thursday - September 27, 2012
Chocolate Health Claims Under Review for Use on Product Labels

Wednesday - September 26, 2012
Gunther Grant, Inc. Subsidiary Got Chocolates, Inc. Announces Vegan Fudge

Tuesday - September 25, 2012
Gunther Grant, Inc. Capitalizes On $60 Billion Dollar Chocolate Industry

Monday - September 24, 2012
Gunther Grant, Inc. Introduces 65% Profit Margins With New Production Facility

Contact Us

Gunther Grant, Inc.
133 East Main Street
East Islip, NY 11730
United States - Map
Phone: 631-224-8450

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