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Caduceus Software Systems Corp. - CSOC

Caduceus Software Systems Corp. ~ $CSOC

$CSOC ~ Business Description

CSOC Caduceus Software Systems Corp. is a software company that specializes in developing an all-in-one solution for private practitioners and doctors. We are in the healthcare information management industry.

We are headquartered in the United Kingdom, specifically located in the metropolitan city, Birmingham.
Our company was created as we saw an urgent need for better patient care throughout the world. General practitioners are using unsophisticated software acts as more administrative than act as a time saving tool.

Our flagship product is called Caduceus MMS version 1.0. It is a sophisticated appointment scheduling and patient recording software system. It has the capability to add more functionality as needed by the doctors that use it.

We at Caduceus Software Systems see an urgent need for better healthcare information management. The “Healthcare Reform” has started, and the reform has spread to all English speaking G8 nations – United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. At the federal level, governments are streamlining the process of delivering and transferring information among institutions.
We are focusing on reforming the way each individual doctor handles information right in their own office.

Caduceus Software Systems is driven by one core principle: to create robust, easy-to-use professional software that meets of exceeds the client’s expectations. In order to do this, our software offerings will be designed in stages so that each component and phase carefully addresses both the practitioner’s administrative and level-of-service requirements.

This principle will be instrumental at each leg of software production: from pre-concept consultation to architectural design, from distribution to client support.

Products and Services

Caduceus Software Systems heralding the start of a new era in medical health recordkeeping — Caduceus Medical Management System or, more commonly, Caduceus MMS. This new software platform is a revolutionary departure from current medical billing software offerings.

Unlike most Electronic Medical Billing Software (EMBS) that provide limited scope and depth, Caduceus Medical Management System (Caduceus MMS) embodies all areas needed to efficiently manage any kind of healthcare practice. For instance, the status quo has been to present applications that incorporate either appointment scheduling or service billing, but rarely both and certainly not much more.

The competition believes that merely simpler is better. Unfortunately, the daunting outcome to the practitioner is to try to coordinate the functions of many programs to perform the tasks that one, intuitive, yet all encompassing, software package should provide.

$CSOC ~ Caduceus MMS version 1.0.

Caduceus Software Systems is pleased to announce that it has released Caduceus MMS version 1.0. Caduceus MMS is a revolutionary healthcare information management software system. It has appointment scheduling and patient charting capabilities – a solution for the ENTIRE private clinic. Doctors love it because they can record paitent notes and ailments digitally, their supporting administration staff love it because they can manage the booking of upcoming appointments. Doctors and their staff both love it because they are in sync.

Caduceus Software Systems Corp. is a fully reporting SEC company, publicly traded on the OTC Market under the symbol, “CSOC”, and within the OTCQB market tier. As such, Business, operational and financial information on CSOC is fully transparent and available to public view.

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Market Value1: $2,683,990 a/o Mar 30, 2012
A/S : 400 Million
O/S : 276,700,000 as of 2/12/2012

10- Q reported2/17/2012 period ending 12/31/2011

Incorporated In: NV, USA
Year of Inc.: 2006

Company Notes: Bosco Holdings, Inc. until 3-2011
Formerly=Bosco Flooring, Inc. until 4-2008

Transfer Agent

Island Stock Transfer

15500 Roosevelt Boulevard
Suite 301
Clearwater, FL, 33760

Business Wire - (Wed, Mar 21)

Caduceus Software Systems Corp. Announces Social Media Strategy

Business Wire - (Tue, Mar 20)
Caduceus Software Systems Corp. Announces it is in M&A and Strategic Partnership Talks with Philippines-based Ascendant Technologies

Business Wire - (Thu, Mar 8)

Caduceus Software Systems Corp. Investigates Mobile Healthcare Opportunities and Researches Mobile Optimized Solutions

Business Wire - (Tue, Mar 6)
Caduceus Software Systems Corp. Enters Discussion with Software Developer and Solutions Provider Based in the Philippines

Business Wire - (Mon, Feb 27)

Caduceus Software Systems Corp. Pursuing Opportunity for Its Cloud Platform to Insure Health Record Integrity for Asia Pacific Market at Risk of Natural Disaster

Business Wire - (Fri, Feb 24)

Caduceus Software Systems Corp. to Develop Asia Pacific Market Strategy; Digitizing Health Records a Priority

Business Wire -(Mon, Feb 6)

Caduceus Software Systems Corp. Plans to Integrate a Cloud Platform with its Software Systems; Health Records in the Cloud called “Next Big Thing”

Contact Us

Caduceus Software Systems Corp. is headquartered in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Birmingham is a metropolitan city,
and is the most populous city outside of London.
Office address:
42a High Street,
Sutton Coldfield,
West Midlands,
UK, B72 1UJ

Product information:
News and media inquiries, public relations:
Careers with our Company:
Investor relations and venture possibilities:

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