Monday, November 28, 2011

Tuesdays Goodie Alert - "Tired of the MM's Making All the Gains??"

To Combat this the Goodies Alert Tomorrow will NOT be released until aprox. 10am

READ ON.....
 We have been researching a company that deserves your full attention tomorrow. 
We are in the process of picking through all the released information to ensure we leave no stone unturned on this one. From our initial findings , the company has very marketable products in which they are selling on their website as I type to you.
We are not alerting this company until after the opening bell tomorrow. We have had some very good Company profiles as of late that have been hurt by sellers that are shorting into the awareness campaign and or setting buy orders prior to the open that is causing the stock to gap 20% or more leaving our followers scrambling to find something else to trade. 

Because of this We Don't Chase Gaping Stocks.
The whole point of an Awareness campaign is to bring attention to the company and when the share price goes up it brings  more attention to the stock which in turns intensifies the awareness and creates a bigger buzz for the company and its shareholders to become more successful.

Thanks for your understanding

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