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About Inc. engages in the development, publishing, marketing, distribution, and direct sale of consumer and business software products worldwide.

It offers QuickVerse, a Bible-study software, which allows users to view multiple reference materials, including Bibles, dictionaries, commentaries, and encyclopedias, side-by-side on the computer screen; and develops and markets certain other Bible study software packages, such as the Pulpit Commentary, the Biblical Illustrator, the QuickVerse Commentary Series, the Warren Wiersbe Collection, and the John MacArthur Collection.

The company also provides print and graphic, financial, pastoral, children’s, and language tutorial products, including ClickArt Christian Publishing Suite III, Sermon Builder 5.0, Ministry Notebook 2.0, Jonah and the Whale, Greek Tutor, and Hebrew Tutor; and FormTool software that offers professionally designed forms for business, accounting, construction, sales, real estate, human resource, and personal organization needs. Inc. markets its products principally through direct marketing and Internet sales programs, as well as retailers and distributors.

The company was formerly known as EJH Entertainment, Inc. and changed its name to Inc. in May 1999. Inc. was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska.

Products include Bible-study references, inspirational Christian materials, and data-management references for Churches and small business. As the premier Bible study software provider, the company develops and publishes church and Bible study software products designed to simplify Biblical research, streamline church office tasks, provide easy access to Bible-related stories, and enhance the user's understanding of the Bible and other religious and spiritual materials. The Parsons Church Division was acquired in July 1999 from The Learning Company, a division of Mattel, Inc., Inc. markets its products to a wide spectrum of religious organizations, mainly churches, religious, non-profit, and other 501 (c)(3) oriented entities. An important revenue stream to, Inc. is QuickVerse™, a Bible study search engine tool.

QuickVerse™ software simplifies Biblical research, allowing the user to view multiple reference materials, including Bibles, dictionaries, commentaries and encyclopedias side-by-side on the computer screen. A built-in QuickSearch feature enables the user to highlight a word or Bible verse and find all of its occurrences in a particular text. Advanced search options also enable users to search by word, phrase, or verse in any language across multiple books. Over 1,000,000 certified copies of QuickVerse™ have been sold since the products' conception. QuickVerse™ is available in multiple editions. QuickVerse™ Essentials Edition includes 10 Bibles and 65 reference titles for $59.95. QuickVerse™ Standard Edition includes 14 Bibles and 94 reference titles for $129.95. QuickVerse™ Expanded Edition includes 16 Bibles and 126 reference titles for $249.95. The QuickVerse™ Deluxe Edition includes 21 Bibles and 181 reference titles for $349.95. QuickVerse™ Platinum Edition includes 25 Bibles and 275 reference titles for $799.95. Each QuickVerse™ purchase includes additional access to various books available online.

Other software products include: SermonBuilder, which provides quick access to thousands of Bible-related stories, quotes and anecdotes, and various biblical language tutorials, sermons and stories. Calendar Creator Christian Edition software allows the user to create custom, personalized calendars for church, classroom, and personal use. Clickart Christian Graphics Deluxe is a graphic program with over 13,000 high-quality illustrative and photographic images, fonts and alphabets

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Mr. Steven Malone , 44
Chairman, Chief Exec. Officer, Pres, Chief Financial Officer and Principal Accounting Officer

Mr. Malone has served as our President and Chief Executive Officer since March 2001 and as a director and Chairman of the Board since February 2002. Between July 2000 and March 2001, Mr. Malone was Senior Vice President and between June 1999 and July 2000 he was a Vice President. Mr. Malone possesses over twenty years of experience in the computer industry, with the last sixteen focused on software sales. As a National Account Manager from 1992 to 1996 for Grolier Interactive, he was responsible for their largest retail and distribution accounts. As Director of Corporate Sales from 1996 to 1998 for Software Publishing Corporation, he was responsible for the on-going sales growth of premiere corporate products, such as the award winning Harvard Graphics, as well as the introduction of several new products to the corporate marketplace. As Director of Sales from 1998 to1999 for InfoUSA, he was responsible for sales and marketing of InfoUSA?s products to retail, distribution, OEM and corporate accounts., Inc.
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Kirk R. Rowland
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